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Our experienced and qualified staff added to our network of reliable carrier partners to the needs and budgets of our customers.

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Load broker

Our company is an asset-based logistics operation providing solutions that enhance the optimal level of capability to our customers, without compromising on service. By offering customers the ability to handle all of their transportation needs with one call we can increase their ability to focus more efforts on their core business, leaving the transportation to us.

Entrust us with your project, no matter the weight, size, frequency, scope, urgency, we find the best options for you! Our reliable and qualified partners allow us to extend our geographic coverage to all of Canada, the United States and Mexico.

We want to provide our customer base with more options to move more freight with us. We will attain the means to ship it :

  • Flat bed tandem
  • Flat bed 3 axles
  • Flat bed 4 axles
  • Rolltite
  • Dry van 53 ft
  • B Train
  • Fardier
  • Low Pro
  • Step deck


We offer short, medium and long term commercial, industrial, outdoor and indoor storage. From the pick up, to the inventory management, location and distribution of your products, we are your logistics partner. We have the infrastructure to meet your storage needs.

Our warehousing service offers the following value-added tasks :

  • Loading and unloading trucks
  • Handling
  • Consolidation
  • Packaging
  • Labelling

Cross docking

Cross Docking is a logistics technique that moves goods from the arrival docks to the departure docks, without going through storage. This process streamlines the supply chain and enables faster distribution of products to consumers.


Several advantages are linked to rail transport, including the following:

  • volume shipments
  • ecological transport
  • less expensive for long distances
  • a road structure over 150 years old

Our reliable and qualified transshipment partners allow us to offer our customers advantageous and strategic access to rail and road links to the United States and Canada.

Transport Couët

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